Control4 is excited to introduce the EA Series of Entertainment and Automation Controllers! Representing the next-generation platform for smart home innovation, they feature high-resolution audio and faster processors for high-performance automation!


We can now offer you 3 different levels of controllers based on your home control needs starting at just $599 plus installation. 

Make an appointment to come visit us in the Normal Showroom to see our new Home Automation display wall - "The Smart Home"  


You can try out products in a real home like environment and really see what happens when you open the garage door, activate a lighting scene, or hit the “all off” button.  We can help you envision how much easier your life can be with a system like this.


We've developed system packages with just the right number of our favorite products to get you started with a little bit of everything!Here's the best part...This is not just for new homes!  Our systems can be installed while building a new home or if you just want to add some control, convenience and fun to your existing home.


Contact us below for more information or to setup an appointment!


Save up to $500 when you upgrade your primary controller to a new blazing-fast, high-performance model.

You’ll enjoy the new, elegant Control4 experience, across all of your favorite devices and be able to take advantage of mind-blowing feature enhancements, including:

•One-touch access to your favorite streaming content from Rhapsody, Pandora, Spotify, Beats, iTunes, and more!

•Brilliant smart lighting control

•Enhanced security with smart sensors for peace of mind, at home or away

•Intuitive pool and spa control from any device in the home or miles away 

But that’s not all—get an additional 10% off all Control4® gear you purchase at the time of your upgrade.*

Don’t get left behind—the new Control4 experience, plus future enhancements, are only available if your primary controller is one of our most recent additions, the HC-250 or HC-800.

Contact us to schedule an appointment!



We are very excited about the new products coming from Control 4 this spring.  They have 3 beatuiful new touch screens that are faster than ever and allow face to face video intercom from room to room or so you can see and talk to someone at the front door.  

They have updated the Control 4 System Remote to make it even easier to control your TV and theater systems.  An updated button layout and improved crisp bright screen will make this popular product even better!  It still works with your existing recharging station too!

Another exciting change is the release of a new Thermostat and updated comfort menu on your Control 4 app, touchscreen, and TV interface.  The new thermostat allows us to control more types of HVAC systems.  If your HVAC system is not integrated with your Control 4 system, ask us how we can change that for you!

All of these new products will be ready to release in April with Control 4 OS 2.7.  This will be the most advanced and powerful system release full of new features along with fast, efficient operation of your entire connected home system.

We will be releasing information soon for a Live Control 4 streaming event called the "Smarter Living Experience" on Wednesday, April 22nd.  You can watch the event at home, or join us at the HomeWorks office to watch it with us and talk more about upgrading your system.



Happy New Year, we have finally launched our new website!  We are excited to show you all of the ways we can help you make your home work.  Please take a look through our pages and let us know what you think.  We’d love to help you design and build your next electronic system or fix up your old system that doesn’t impress you anymore.  

Technology is changing all the time and we can help keep your system running at its best with new hardware, firmware updates, and some new training to get you up to speed.  Let us know how we can help!


We were featured on a local radio program on April 11th discussing some new technology and a little general information about HomeWorks...have a listen, skip to about 19:45 to get right to the part about us.  The rest of the program has good information about the Bloomington/Normal Home Market, good tips for buying your first home, and some current home listings.

Thanks to John and Krista from the Armstrong/Burns Realty Team!

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