Upgrade to Black Diamond!

This project involved helping our client upgrade from a 60 inch "Big Screen TV" to a real "Big Screen" experience.  All of the components fit in the cabinet below the screen and we installed the projector about 15' back from the screen.  

This special Black Diamond screen is 2.35:1 Ratio "Wide Screen" format like most movie theaters.  It allows you to see a movie in full width and resolution so you aren't missing any of the action.  You can see the DirecTV signal is still a regular 16 x 9 format like your TV, with black bars on the sides of the screen, but the movie fills the entire screen.  This customer watches a lot of movies and preferred to have the best format for movies over TV. 

The Black Diamond Screen also has color changing LED lighting behind it to add to the dramatic effect of the film.  

He was able to re-arrange some furniture to bring in the hutches on each side and really transformed the look and performance of this room!

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The Toy Room

This was a really fun project to work on.  When this client came to us to talk about his idea for his garage upgrade aka "Toy Room" he said that he wanted to have TV and great sound in each of the new spaces but didn't want to have a bunch of equipment in each room.  

We designed this system with a central equipment rack for all of the cable boxes, audio equipment, and a Control 4 system to give him a super easy to use system with all hidden equipment.  They can now control everything from the handheld remotes or custom programmed keypads on the wall.

Each room received 4 to 6 large speakers, big TV's for easy viewing from anywhere the Toy Room or main garage, and the ability to watch multiple games at the same time.  

We also enabled the system with remote access for easy service if needed because the home is about 2 hours away from our office.  We built a very reliable system with automatic re-booting capability and an easy to service equipment rack.  The client has affectionately named the rack the "Tower of Power" and loves that it is out of the way in the furnace room.

His real passion is for cars and motorcycles as you can see from the pictures, but he loves that the technology in the space is so easy to use.  And for a little perspective on the size of the space, that's a 70" Sharp TV on the wall!


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Award Winning Basement

This basement project won the Electronic House "Best Fun Room" award a couple years ago!  

This whole project, start to finish took approximately 5 months.  The goal was to utilize this space by combining a media room, different gaming options, a unique wet bar, and a functional workout area all with a simple control system for an experience with impact that guests would never forget.

Theater Experience:  We chose a Sony 60” 3D LED TV with a 6.1 Surround Sound System. The ultra thin Definitive Technology Mythos XTR60 speakers flank the TV and the Disappearing In Ceiling Series Speakers are used for the Surrounds.  The Velodyne Digital Drive 10 Plus Subwoofer is recessed in the wall so it is completely concealed. We topped it off with 4 electric reclining leather theater chairs.  The Control 4 system remote and iPad allow for simple operation of the powerful audio system.

Gun Shooting Simulator:  We incorporated a gun shooting simulator complete with IR Lasers and cameras for shot tracking, and modified real weapons that use compressed air for recoil to simulate being on a firing range. There are over 20 different games to choose from, everything from hunting, skeet shooting and even software that law enforcement agency’s train on such as hostage drills. An independent sound system was installed in the ceiling to provide a realistic experience for the shooter. The 10’ wide motorized Da-Lite screen is hidden in the ceiling and drops down in front of the main artwork and the lights dim at press of the “Range” button.

Twin Racing Chairs:  We set up 2 complete racing seats complete with gas, brake, and clutch pedals with shifter and steering wheels for the ultimate racing experience.  Each system is connected to a dedicated PS3 system and they are linked online to race full screen side by side.   

The 40” TV’s are mounted on full motion brackets and angled away from each other so the drivers can only see their screen.  We integrated two different sound systems.  One is a complete Surround Sound System with subwoofer for that kick in the pants rumble and the other is a wireless headphone system so when racing each driver can hear their specific car engine but can also talk to one another.  

The Control system keypad is mounted to the rail of the left chair and turns on the system in single, dual split-screen, dual full screen modes and allows for volume control and power off. 

Workout Areas: The fitness equipment was strategically placed within the room so both the audio system and television could be used while working out. 

Automation: The entire home is fully integrated with Control 4 home automation products.  All of the lighting and entertainment systems can be run from the customer’s iPhone, iPad, Touch Screen, or custom programmed keypads for simplicity and convenience.  Each of the media areas can be powered and accessed with one button that sets specific lighting for the activity and turns on the appropriate equipment.  The basement is monitored by smoke and CO detectors, and water sensors on the sump pumps to protect the customer’s investment.  The 42 space equipment rack is housed in the unfinished area of the basement and is one of 3 custom racks in the house.

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Backyard Dream System

This is one of the best backyards we've seen in Central Illinois!  This multi-level yard required a multi-zone audio system to focus sound in just the right spots.  This was critical for making sure the sound can be heard everywhere, but never too loud in any one spot at one time.  A combination of several product lines were used to achieve this goal and the clients were thrilled with the results.  

There are 4 separate audio zones for the pool, firepit, hot tub, and the bar area.  They call this bar area "The Pavilion" and it is special because it is an entertainment hot spot that can be used all 4 seasons.  With a 60" TV at each end and a 6 speaker audio system with subwoofers, this building is ready for the big game or any music you can throw at it!

Our favorite products from Rockustics (rock speakers), Monitor Audio (wall mount speakers) and Paradigm (in-ceiling speakers and subs) are ready to play all the music in the world with the Sonos Streaming Audio System.

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Home Theater Project

This was one of our first home theater projects from a long time ago, but it is still one of our favorites!  We converted this downstairs bedroom/exercise room into a dedicated home theater.

There were several changes to the room including removing the closets, building a custom home theater rack into the rear wall, concealing most of the speakers behind acoustic panels, and calibrating this powerful system that included 2 in-wall subwoofers.

About 5 years later, we upgraded to a newer 1080P Projector with a powered drop down screen and built a 60" Plasma TV into the front wall.  We re-programmed the Control 4 system so the family can use either the TV or the projection system but always use the great surround sound!

The professional rack system makes it easy for the client to change discs or games and has allowed us to easily upgrade the system over the years.  

This room is really special with a lot of custom features.  Below are a few images of the finished product.

Contact us to discuss how we can create a custom home theater like this for you!

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