Effective systems integration requires careful planning, layout, and design. We offer advanced system design services. From whole home automation systems to high performance home theaters, we are here to design and install your systems just the way you envision them to be. 

You are investing much of your time and money into your project so why not take the step to have your project professionally designed and documented?  This process ensures that you not only have a great performing system but that your system was designed and installed to a specific plan and as-built documents are delivered which improves the resale value of your investment and simplifies system service and upgrades for the future.

There are many elements to a professionally designed system. Many of these are performed behind the scenes. Though sometimes not visible, each and every part of the system design is important to the quality and success of the final project.  Countless hours are spent evaluating the best products for your application to provide highly reliable systems that are simple to use.  Our design approach yields you the “best system for your budget.”  We ask a lot of questions because we really want to know what is most important to you…sometimes it is ultimate performance, sometimes it is about price, but we strive to find the balance between these critical factors to deliver the very best value.

We are all about long term client relationships and providing exceptional support for our products and services. With each new project we enter into a relationship that typically lasts many years.  As demand for our services continues to grow, we always prioritize taking care of our existing client base before going after the next big project.  If you become one of our clients, you will enjoy this same privilege.

Our extended maintenance programs provide ongoing and preventative maintenance, system upgrades, and consultation on new innovations. Combined, these services serve to ensure that each customer’s system continues to function reliably and so all the benefits can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Project Management is a critical but often overlooked service in many companies; not so at our company. Every project is assigned a project manager. Our project managers plan and coordinate each phase of the project and interface between all parties, from the manufacturer, to the architect/builder/decorator, to the customer. They also ensure that outstanding attention to detail is followed on each and every project, no matter the size, resulting in timely project completion and met or exceeded expectations.

An electronic system’s programming bridges the gap between technology and user. Even the best quality system and equipment has little value if the customer finds it difficult or frustrating to use. For this reason, our system programmers work extensively with each project’s designer and client to ensure that the user interface is consistent with the design intent from the beginning, and that the results meet the customer’s expectations.

We can often help you get more out of your system than you can dream up on your own.  We will make suggestions for you for programming and device use that can save you time and money while making everything simple to use